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 Art Kids Studio classes focus on individual  development of self expression by building confidence and imagination through fun creative art projects based in traditional art studio training.  A variety of media including graphite, watercolor, ink, oil pastels, acrylics, clay and constructed forms will be explored through portraiture, still life, realism, abstraction, color theory, fundamental composition skills, line, patterning, art vocabulary and more.   Art Kids classes strive for the following critera:






Art Kids are encouraged to experiment and investigate new possibilities, concepts and media. Students experience

a variety of technical skills through exploration of multi-media to achieve aesthetic goals.  New approaches, methods and strategies are initiated through new lesson plans from session to session to encourage individualized diversity and growth. 



Art Kids are introduced to the idea of visual analysis through their own work and that of others to learn about visual components like composition, color theory, elements and principles of design.  Students are trained to consider the decisions they make while creating and are encouraged to look for new solutions to improve their designs.  By considering alternatives to their original designs and ideas, students gain confidence to try new things and develop skills in using constructive assessment as a tool for improvement.  Learning to interpret, define and adapt enlarges a student's artistic diversity in imagination. design and ideas.  It also teaches that there isn't always a right or wrong answer, but multiple solutions to an idea or project.  Student artwork that is exceptional will be highlighted providing recognition for students who put forth their best effort (which is usually everyone), which in turn inspires more effort and synergy.  We like to succeed and have fun.



The integration of other disciplines such as history, literature, sciences and current events into the lesson dialogue strives to ignite curiosity and builds a larger interconnected network of knowledge allowing students to look deeper into themselves and the world around them.  This follows a long tradition within the VISUAL ARTS.  Historically artists are trained in multiple disciplines. It is not uncommon for an artist to have a Biology degree.  I am an avid student of Astronomy, Physics, History,  Anthropology, Botany, Entomology, Geology and Art History.  I regularly seek and share increased knowledge in these disciplines. While working on art projects, Art Kids are encouraged to voice their ideas through dialogue about history, sciences, and current events.  As they combine knowledge from other subject areas and cultures they gain a better understanding of who makes up the world we live in, and how it works together as a whole.  Art Kids Studio lessons strive to include and honor multiple perspectives and diverse voices of people from many cultures.  It is important for students to appreciate our differences and value the underlying similarities between us all. 



Mastering technical skills through hands on repetitive experiences are crucial to achieve successful results in art studio.

Traditionally the artist's  "STUDIO"  is an action oriented environment. Students learn a great deal from their successes as well as their mistakes through active participation with studio assignments and activities.  The Art Kids Studio process consists of a formal lesson plan, hands on demonstrations how to use materials through modeling, breaking complex lessons into smaller sequenced steps if needed, and finally group and individualized coaching that strives to create a confident independent artist and achieve results through finishing works of art.  Art Kids will participate in the artistic process from the idea’s inception and creation through reflection and critique to exhibition.  










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