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art kids studio 


art kids studio engages in curriculm founded in traditional art studio classes emphasizing life drawing and imagination. Core classes in Drawing, Painting and Sculpture advance personal artistic expression through building skills in observation and a variety of media. Special Classes offered like Comic Books/Novels or Building Books stimulate the imagination in storymaking and train students in the basics of figurative drawing and construction.


As a practicing artist, I am avidly exploring new directions in media and ideas for my own work and the classes I teach.  As well as new lessons, new curriculum is always a priority.  

Future classes will be added as I am inspired.

Imagination and Reality


Art Kids draw from their imagination and real life while learning to use line, shape, space, value, color texture, pattern, shape, form, organization and structure.  Art Kids will  explore a variety of media while building individual ability, conceptual creativity and process.  Drawing lessons are designed to advance drawing skills, techniques and vocabulary.


Buildn' Art


Art Kids investigate methods of construction and form through  basic elements of sculpture and 3 dimensional design.  Art Kids will imagine and construct 3-D works of art by modeling and assembling  paper, clay, wood, wire and other creative materials.   


Mix It Up


IIndividual creativity, ability and technical skill will be developed while exploring water media techniques like wet in wet, dry brush, opaque vs transparent, glazing, blending and brushwork.  art kids will produce a variety of paintings from their imagination and reality.


Comic Book and Graphic Novels

Allows for work time for Art Kids to develop their characters, scenes, stories, storylines.  art kids will develop characters that are expressive and moving, and develop background details.

Materials will include wet and dry 9x12 spiral bound sketchbook, pencil, gel drawing pens, markers.

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