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Art Kids Studio fosters individual self expression, creativity,  imagination and investigation.  Classes are progressive and focuses on individualized development.  Art Kids can participate consecutively or randomly to get great results.  A great experience for kids who love to create.




The process of creating art teaches many skills.  Like Music and Dance, visual arts skills are developed through physical and mental coordination repeating concepts over time and experiences.  The arts foster successful accomplishments and individualism through the completion of projects that are stimulating and challenging.  Art Kids classes develop skills such as envisioning and innovating solutions, self evaluation and reflection, experimentation with new concepts and materials, and explores in-depth observations of the world.   art kids classes allows freedom to explore without judgement, encouraging initiation without fear of making mistakes.   With each completed project, art kids learn that personal success is based in individual effort, responsibility and perseverance.


I have been teaching Art Studio for kids and adults since 1991.  I am passionate about teaching and creating art.  I strive to cultivate collaborative partnerships with kids and parents and genuinely care about each student's individual development.  As an art teacher my key goal is to facilitate each student's artistic and personal growth while providing a safe, stimulating, collaborative and fun environment to express themselves. 


Art Kids classes are designed to be fun, instructional, productive and progressive. Progressive means a student can repeat classes throughout their developmental years expecting new lessons from session to session that require the exploration of media that are stimulating, challenging and diverse.  I expect my students to achieve better skills in technical and cognitive skills because I expect this of myself.   Over the last 23 years I have developed a large variety of teaching strategies that are designed to foster individual development, self discovery and new artistic skills. 



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