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art kids studio guidelines

If you register for classes you understand and agree to comply with the following...




Pre-Registration is required and you are encouraged to register early because a class could be cancelled due to low enrollment.  Most classes are limited to 6 students to assure a quality educational experience.  Students are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Drop-In Students can register for a class if there is room.   Class Fees are due at the time of advanced registration.  Payment secures a student's place in class and ensures the class will run.    Call (907) 360-3542 or EMAIL  to register or request more information.

Class Fees

Class Fee includes art supplies needed for the class session assignments.  This allows students to create without investing in expensive art supplies and alleviates carrying supplies back and forth.  The Art Kids Studio does encourage parents to provide their kids with adequate supplies and an area to work in their personal environment.  This teaches the responsibility of ownership by encouraging students to keep their art studio supplies organized and in good condition. Another positive aspect of ownership gives students the option to initiate artwork during their personal time and ties into how creativity really works.  Having your own supplies allows for moments of spontaneous inspiration - to work right then and there in your personal studio space.  Picasso said it best: "The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web." 


Class Confirmations and Cancellations

Art Kids Studio reserves the right to withdraw or change classes or lessons, instructors or schedules; to revise tuition and fee structures; and to amend its policies and practices as necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of the school.


Classes may be cancelled if enrollment falls under 2 students.   Student initiated cancellations need to be completed one week in advance of Class Session to receive 100% Refund and less than one week notice incurs 50% of the Session cost. If a student fails to withdraw before the class begins 100% of the cost will be retained.  


A minimum enrollment of 2 students is prefered in order to conduct a class or workshop.   If  the Art Kids Studio cancels a class or workshop, students will be notified no later than 24 hours before the first class.  If we do not have the minimum registration of 2 students and cancel the class, you will receive a full refund. Students will also have the option to switch to another class.


PARTIAL SESSIONS -Occasionally due to travel, vacations, and unexpected events, students occasionally ask to prorate a class.  The Art Kids Studio strives to be accommodating, but consistent regular prorating is unproductive for your child.  Classes are organized into sessions to develop a rhythm of learning and ties into completion of assigned projects.  Partial Payment and dates must be arranged ahead of class session.  A student is allowed to prorate one class per year.  Drop-In Students can register for a class if there is room.  


Student Refunds

The Art Kids Studio strives to bring quality education, encouragement and fun for participating students.  Constructive feedback is always welcome and should be discussed in private, outside of the classroom environment.  Refund requests should be emailed to before the second class.  If approved, refunds are prorated for the remainder of the session less a $25 fee.  No refunds are possible after the 2nd class unless there is substantial cause.  Refunds take up to 3 (three) business weeks.


Make-Up Classes

Occasionally a student is unable to attend a class due to illness or unexpected events.  It becomes problematic to keep up with multiple student issues and not the responsibility of the Art Kids Studio.  Make-up classes are allowed on a space available basis.  Make-up classes must be prearranged in advance and if missed, may not be rescheduled.   

No fees will be returned or credits issued for failure to attend class.  


Inclement Weather Closings

In the case of an emergency weather closing, every effort will be made to contact students.  The Art Kids Studio follows the Anchorage School District's Public School System decisions for inclement weather school closings that are broadcast by local radio and television stations. Classes cancelled for emergencies will be rescheduled whenever possible, preferably on the following Saturday afternoon, weather and schedules permitting.


Studio Location

Classes and Studio Visits are held by Appointment or Registration only.  The Art Kids Studio is part of a private art studio close to the intersection of Fireweed and A Streets.  To review the studio space prior to registering for a class you will need to schedule an appointment.  The Art Kids Art Camp is scheduled for JUNE & JULY 2017.


Studio Ins and Out

Safety comes first.  Safe conduct and practices will be encouraged and expected.  Students are expected to clean up after each class.  Clean up includes but not limited to palettes, water containers, brushes, tables, floors and e.t.c.  The Art Kids Studio is not responsible for any artwork or personal items lost, stolen or left in the classrooms, on shelves or at the Studio. All materials, such as unfinished or drying paintings, unfinished or drying ceramics, sculptures, drawing pads, etc., must be removed from all racks and storage areas at the close of each session or as directed by staff and instructors. Students are responsible for retrieving their projects in a reasonable and timely manner as unclaimed workshop or class projects can not be stored and will be discarded within 1 session upon the completion of the registered class.


Join Our Email List 

Be part of our email list to receive announcements concerning studio classes, updates and exhibitions.  The Art Kids Studio will not share your personal information with anyone.



The Art Kids Studio does not anticipate an issue, but if there was a serious emergency, our first response would be to call 911 and the emergency contact information provided on the application for the child in need of emergency care.  If the emergency contact person is unavailable the following would be put into place:


By registering, you are acknowledging the following release:


I hereby hold the Art Kids Studio and Jannah Atkins harmless for injury, accident or loss of property that may occur during any class activity whereever conducted, except damages resulting directly from negligence on the part of the Art Kids Studio or its agents. In the event of accident or illness involving my child, or myself, I hereby authorize the Art Kids Studio to arrange for the transportation of my child or myself, whether by ambulance or otherwise, to a proper facility where emergency medical treatment would normally be administered, including, but not limited to, an emergency room of a hospital, a doctor's office or medical clinic; and to sign releases as may be required in order to obtain any medical or surgical treatment as is immediately required in the judgment of medical authorities at the facility.




RESPECT OTHERS, YOURSELF, AND PROPERTY is of highest priorty.  Every registered student has a basic right to learn without being disrupted by others.  Students are expected to be respectful of teachers and other students.  Respect breaks down to " no talking when teacher is talking,  taking care of everyone's property, classroom and themselves, i.e. no making fun of others or projects and so on.



Students agree to be productive during the entire class period and conduct a positive attitude for trying new ideas/skills.   



Students practice safety with the materials and the equipment in the art studio at all times.



New class lessons and curriculm are a top priority.  It is important to create lessons and provide learning materials which are stimulating and encourage the students to be the best that they can be.  I investigate new media and ideas through my art studio and share new skills and ideas with my students on a regular basis from session to session.



Classroom is uncluttered and clean providing a safe place to work.  Students are expected to clean up the studio before they leave after each class.  This includes putting away supplies, cleaning palettes, water containers, and floor if necessary. Socializtion and cell phones are discouraged.   it is nice for students to be allowed to socialize but they are not as productive as they could be when they focus on their assignments.  Friendships are encouraged but playdates are appropriate.



Feedback is an important tool for students, parents and staff.  Occasionally Students progress or issues will be discussed with parents to improve understanding and performance.  Constructive feedback is always welcome and should be discussed in private, outside of the classroom environment.

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